Large Building Tune-up Services

Application Instructions

Please have the following information available prior to beginning:
  • Business Contact Information: Mailing Address, Phone, Email
  • Service Provider Information: Mailing Address, Phone, Email - you must use a Large Building Tune-up Service Provider found on the service provider directory,
  • BGE Account Number
  • Facility Information: HVAC Systems in the Facility, Annual kWh Usage, Peak kW and Month Occurring

Please confirm that you meet the following minimum eligibility requirements prior to submitting an application to participate in BGE’s Large Building Tune-up Services Program.
  • Do you have a combined conditioned area of 75,000 square feet or larger served by a central system?
  • Are you a BGE delivery service customer, regardless of which electric supplier you have chosen?
  • Do you have an existing building automation system or energy management system (EMS) with direct digital control (DDC)?
  • Are you free from planned major system renovations or retrofits?
  • Are you able to complete the installation of identified building tune-up measures within 6 months of receiving the Final Building Tune-up Report?
  • Do you understand that approved measures are to be implemented no later than 6 months after BGE’s approval of the Final Report? (Incentives may be foregone and/or the Large Building Tune-up Services cost incurred to date may be imposed on the customer for non-implementation of measures).
  • Are you willing to commit the necessary time and personnel resources to fully support the Building Tune-up process?
  • If selected for participation in the program, will you accept the following responsibilities?
  • Are you willing to match the incentive received, up to $50,000, for Large Building Tune-up Services measures identified with an estimated simple payback of fewer than 1.5 years?
  • Provide access to the facility and time for facility personnel to interface with the building tune-up provider?
  • Provide and assist with the reporting and collection of information pertaining to the building tune-up of the facility?
  • Implement in a timely manner the mutually accepted building tune-up measures according to the scope and procedures outlined by BGE?
  • Are you willing to have your facility benchmarked using ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager if it is a facility type covered by Portfolio Manager?

If you answered yes to the above questions, please complete this application. In reviewing your application, BGE will be reviewing evidence that cost-effective building tune-up opportunities exist at your facility. BGE’s decision regarding the selection of program applicants into the Building Tune-up Program will be final and binding for all parties.

Remember: Pre-approval is required for all projects. Please review the Terms & Conditions for online applications. Fill out the form electronically using our convenient, fillable PDF to save time, paper, and hassle.

BGE will process applications for payment in the order received and will authorize payment upon the application’s review and approval. The incentive check will be mailed 6–8 weeks after the project’s completion and payment approval.
Are you ready to begin your application?